Here are some ideas to get you on the right health track for little cost.We all see certain times of the year when memberships to the Gyms spike? At the start of the year when some of us commit to new years resolution, at the start of summer when weather is warmer and when gymnasiums run local advertisements. But, for some individuals, a gym membership is a luxury we just can’t afford. So, I have put some ideas together to help you reach a health fitness and stay fit without a expensive Gym fitness membership.

Your body is the only tool you need to get in shape you do not need expensive equipment, anyone can lose weight if you knew how to go about it. Well we are going to tell you how you can have a slimmer figure without spending a fortune.I have listed some very simple methods of exercising with out the very expensive Gym memberships

Health Insurance To Better Health Its recommended walking 30 minutes a day is the best exercise, bar none for all age groups. When you walk, you work out every muscle in your body and stimulate blood through your heart and lungs. Walking and pumping your arms pushes the heart rate and breathing up so that you begin to move from an aerobic phase to a level to fat-burning phase. When you become more confident, you can speed up your exercise program for added benefit. If you can convince a friend or family member to do this with you then this will give both accountable and working harder.

Put the Running Shoes on Running is not for everyone it’s a step up from walking. Running will exercise the same muscle groups, only working out the muscle even harder. Those who run for period of time say that they experience the “runner’s high.” They are experiencing the release of endorphins through the body that spur you on to good feeling and a faster pace. If you are not confident running alone there will be a running club in your area you can join for a small fee, you can run in various places on different terrains with others and also enter races.

Dumbbells Do not take this the wrong way dumbbells are used widely by men and women. These are free weights that can be used to tone muscle in the previous of there home. There are many health exercise videos available on the market to walk you through the different exercises program to suit you, such as military presses, squats, lunges and deltoid lifts. Women who want to tone up, higher repetitions and smaller weights will help you achieve your goal.

Exercise Equipment Exercise videos and DVD –With the vast amount DVDs and videos readily available on the internet and through your local DVD and video stores you can learn at your own level. They cover everything from Pilates to yoga to kickboxing, all from your home. In no time your investment will pay for them selves and can be used no matter what the weather and in the security of your home. You don’t have to leave the house, so all you have to worry about is your self-motivation.

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