Depression Alternative Therapies


Depression can be a serious mental illness. You can find many conventional treatments for depression but in some cases incorrect treatment is as bad as suffering from the disease. If you’d like to try another path, here are some alternative therapies you might like to try.

For many decades and even in todays society depression symptoms Carries a stigma along with the diagnosis. If you suffered with depression, then you couldn’t manage your life properly,you were labeled “mentally ill” who belonged in an institution. That is not so.

Depression is very much a clinical illness and should treated with the same compaction as any other illnesses, it needs a correct course of treatment to allow the sufferer to recover. Imbalances of certain neurotransmitters in the brain are responsible for maintaing your mental wellbeing and will contribute to the problem of depression.

Talk to your doctor and find out exactly what type and severity of depression you are suffering from. Your doctor will also discuss alternative treatments if prescription drugs are not the route you want to take right now. I have list some of the alternative treatments available:

St. John’s Wort

This is a natural herb has been used for years by people who have mild depression or even seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Its said to help soothe the mind and create a feeling much like when endorphins are released in the brain.

Before taken St.John Wort, talk to your doctor about dosage and will it interfere with any of your current medications you may be taken at the time.

Remedial Massage

The basis behind many massage techniques is that there is a blocked chi, or life force. This can happen from high levels of stress, lack of sleep and other environmental factors.

When the blockage is discovered, the use of pressure and gentle movement can stimulate the flow of life energy to the body and restore itself to health. A massage therapist can recommend the best type for you depending on your level of health and your depressive symptoms.

Physical activity

Many benefits come from exercise besides simply weight loss. When you excercise, you increase your oxygen intake also your bodylearns to utilize it more efficiently. Exercise doesn’t have to be hard or boring.

There are a number of activities that you can do to increase the release of endorphins through your body. More oxygen helps you to think clearly about your problems and come up with a useful solution.


Acupuncture operates on the same level as massage therapy. The body is mapped out with energy junctions, sterile needles are used at stimulate certain points to restore balance to the body.


This is connecting mind-body building and maintaing a spiritual connection a practice of ancient India. Exercise can control over your feelings and how you respond to stress, which can decrease depression symptoms.

Are you trying to recover from depression but don’t want the side effects of some depressive medications? Try these