Anxiety Attack Symptom

Anxiety Attack

Have you experienced an anxiety attack? Symptom recognition can help you determine whether or not that feeling you had really is a panic attack or something else. Panic attacks (often referred to as anxiety attacks) can affect different people in different ways, but understanding the symptoms of the problem can help one decide exactly what is happening. Consider each common anxiety attack symptom.

One common anxiety attack symptom is feeling short of breath, or as if you are choking. Even though those suffering through an attack are not experiencing any physiological problem preventing breathing, the sense is being breathless or smothered feels quite real and can be frightening.

Another anxiety attack symptom many experience is a sudden change in temperature. Some people may get chills; others may feel as though they have a fever. Often, those with panic disorders will sweat or shiver during attacks. Those suffering from panic attacks regularly experience changes in body temperature, real and perceived.

Chest pain is another frequently experienced anxiety attack symptom. Sufferers may experience a tightening of the chest, an accelerated heartbeat and other sensations when they are in the midst of a panic attack. Many anxiety attack sufferers have felt these sensations and believed they were experiencing a heart attack. Of course, this concern tends to escalate the intensity of the attack even more. It can be a very vicious cycle.

Some panic attack victims will experience shakers or tremors. Again, there is no real physiological basis for the experience. Instead, it is completely related to the psychological condition of the individual. Nonetheless, the involuntary movements can be very upsetting for the sufferer.

Dizziness is not uncommon. A sense of lightheadedness or imbalance is common during anxiety attacks and is one common symptom of a diagnosable panic disorder. This can be particularly dangerous, as the sense of dizziness can lead to falls.

This list of symptoms related to panic disorders is, by no means, exhaustive. As noted, anxiety attacks have different elements for different people. Some may feel an incredibly intense sense of foreboding and a tremor. Others may break into a cold sweat and feel their heart beating faster as they gasp for air. Each individual can experience the problem in a very unique way.

If you have experienced an episode you thought may have been a panic attack and see some of your own experiences in the provided list of symptoms, you should immediately consult with a medical professional. One should not rely solely on self-diagnoses to determine whether or not they may have a panic disorder of some sort. Left untreated, panic disorders can be quite debilitating. As such, the matter should be approached quite seriously.

Fortunately, with appropriate care, one can find ways to manage the problem, allowing them to function without dreading the next appearance of a horrifying anxiety attack symptom. Anxiety Free, Overcome Panic Attacks Fear Stress Learn Relaxation & Peace With Self Hypnosis Guided Meditation and Subliminal Nlp